Summer activities

Short walks in the neighbourhood

Hafaldan youth hostel is situated a few hundred meters out of town on the north bank of the fjord, at the foot of a steep mountain slope running into the sea. From the hostel there is good access to a number of walking routes, such as:


Only a kilometre north of the hostel is the beautiful valley, Vestdalur, with numerous waterfalls, colourful flora and rich birdlife.
In late June or early July the orchids begin to appear, mountain avens is scattered prolifically, and the deep blue of butterwort provides colour among the many other species in the upper meadow. The calls of the golden plover and the whimbrel will become familiar background sounds, and if the sun is out, listen carefully for the drumming of the snipe, its tail feathers reverberating during the downward flight.
It is possible to wander up to the first waterfalls at a slow pace to take in the spectacular scenery, or to carry on up to Vestdalsvatn, a lake approximately three hours walk up the valley.

Bird watching at Skálanes

Around 40 species of birds nest in the area of the farm Skálanes making it a paradise for bird watchers. The farm offers accommodation in the summer months and if you prefer you can book a boat trip to get there.


Another popular route is to follow the north coastline to the outermost peninsula, Brimnes, with its old lighthouse and many sea birds.


It takes 5-6 hours to walk from Seydisfjord to Lodmundarfjordur, and one hour to sail. Only thirty-five years ago, this beautiful fjord had 10 working farms. Now, because of its remoteness, it is entirely deserted except for the guesthouse Stakkahlíd and the eider duck farm Saevarendi, both functioning only in summer.
The route to Lodmundarfjordur is a pleasant walk with posts to guide the way, but as it crosses through mountainous terrain, a map and preferably a compass should be carried as the posts can be buried in snow, especially early in the season. Good boots and warm clothes including waterproofs are needed, as mountain weather can change quickly. Why not walk over and arrange for the boat to take you back?
Boat Trips Fjardarbatar offers trips to Lodmundarfjordur and back. Individual boat tours for sightseeing or fishing can be arranged, too.