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24 Oct 2013 David, Canada

This is likely the best HI in Iceland. Just great. The best staff caring and sharing.

Rating: 100%

20 Oct 2013 Mohamed Salem, Germany

Everything was perfect. It was really comfortable to be there 🙂

Rating: 100%

16 Oct 2013 Carissa, USA

The best hostel I’ve ever stayed in! Such a welcoming, laid back, helpful staff and WHAT A TOWN!!! So beautiful. The kitchen in this establishment is unbelievable.

Rating: 100%


bookingTotal score of 9,9  based on 6 reviews


Young couple,  TAIPEI, from Taiwan

Comment: + Clean, large area of kitchen, great staff

– you better rent a good car to drive there when winter season

Rating: 9,6 , 20 December 2013


Young couple, Pilipp from Berlin Germany

Comment: Lovely hostel in a magic village..very old but well renovated place with modern facilities (kitchen bathrooms) Super friendly staff!!!

Rating: 10,0, 29 October 2013